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LIFT Committee awards $750,000 to two companies in February

The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced today that the Innovation Technology Loan Fund (LIFT) Committee awarded a total of $750,000 to two companies for the month of February.

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Eight Dakotas Startups To Watch in 2021

With just 1.6 million people between them, North and South Dakota rarely attract national spotlight. Startups in these two states received just $30.3 million in venture funding in 2019, a tiny fraction of what was invested even in other Midwestern states. But that doesn’t mean the Dakotas are without a startup community.

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Helping Brands and Consumers Discover one Another

Tailorie, founded by Brianne Osowski in 2019 but she began conceptualizing it in 2018. Tailorie is all about telling stories! Brianne expands, “We are a social discovery and recommendation platform that helps brands and consumers discover one another.” Tailorie helps customers match with brands that align with their interests, tastes, and preferences. As for brands, they aim to democratize access to consumers by introducing brands to consumers based on who’s the best match for the consumer rather than the money spent by the brand.

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Women You Should Know: Meet Brianne Osowski

Brianne Osowski is creating a new way to get customized recommendations on brands and products. She talks with Ladyboss about getting to know your customer, running a tech company, and why women need more champions.

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10 Questions with John Machacek: Tailorie

You can think of Tailorie like a dating app for brands and consumers. Tailorie matches you with brands that align with your interests, and if the match is mutual, instead of a first date, you may be selected to receive a gifted product from the brand. Within the Tailorie app, you’ll also find an authentic community of consumers sharing recommendations for their favorite products and brands.
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