In a world where exploration is often guided by advertisements and trends, very rarely do we explore new things for the purpose of engaging in an experience that feels uniquely “us”. But what if moving forward, what if we made it a point to do exactly that?


Tailorie was imagined around the belief that that discovery should be simply guided—with you at the center—and the content you see curated to who you are and what is most important to you. Who you are drives your user experience on Tailorie, not paid ads or your history.


We want you to know that your preference for x and distaste for x will help us lead you to the perfect recommendation. Our intent is to help you find the perfect brands and products for you. Discovering something new will be a joy, not a chore. That is the belief that started Tailorie. The simple notion that each individual should have the opportunity to access their own perfectly, self-designed marketplace to discover and fall in love with unique brands and stories that align with the things they love.

Your Canvas™: a full representation of 'you' because this is more to you than 'just' some data

Using your Canvas™ as your roadmap, you’ll select what passions and interests speak most to you, and viola! You’ll be connected to brands perfectly curated for you, with the ability to recommend, share, and connect with friends and other brands. By letting you choose what content you see, Tailorie encourages mindful consumerism and puts the ever-wonderful brand-consumer relationship first. We provide you with everything you need in the app to enjoy every step of your Tailorie experience. All the while, we’ll take you on a journey through seamlessly curated content and of course- few fun surprises, too.

How was the idea behind Tailorie formed?

In a world where commerce can sometimes feel fabricated, or forced- Brianne Osowski, Tailorie’s founder, aimed to help navigate through the noise and keep consumers and brands on a path of discovery.


While living in New York City, popping into shops that caught her eye used to consume her free time. The carefully selected collection of goods in each of the shops was a never-ending discovery journey. Brianne found herself in a rabbit hole of questions asking herself: “Who created these things? What led to the idea? Where were they made? Why were they selected? How do people react to them?


Although not always a fit for her tastes, she found the story behind the products was fascinating.


Brianne believed there had to be a better way to provide a tailored shopping experience for each customer. One that didn’t rely solely on what was contained between retail walls, e-commerce stores, or what consumers already knew or were familiar with. Instead, an experience that was expansive, taking into account every possibility while at the same time accounting for each individual’s tastes and quirks and taking into account all of the elements that drive each of us as consumers to make decisions: preferences, price points, reviews, recommendations, and beyond.

After relocating from NYC to the Midwest, Brianne decided to open shops of her own. First gifts, then women’s clothing, and finally baby and children. The stores were curated to create a shopping experience that inspired discovery, sparked curiosity, and fostered an environment of joy – an escape from the ordinary.


As a shop owner, Brianne quickly learned that curating a store based on your own tastes didn’t always translate into sales, and curating for the masses i.e. playing it safe, leads to a watered-down discovery experience.  She wondered, why wasn’t there a better way for consumers to access products and brands curated specifically for them? Why wasn’t there a better way for emerging brands to become more discoverable?

Why wasn’t there a better way for emerging brands to become more discoverable?

And now we are thrilled to offer that experience to you.

You are cordially invited to join Tailorie as we open a whole new world of personalized commerce, and to enjoy all that we have to offer. Join in and share what’s important to you. Connect with others who share similar interests. Find brands that align with what matters most to your and get to know the people behind the brand.

The experience of discovery is a magic one. The awe, wonder, and delight you feel when discovering something new and meaningful leaves a twinkle in your eye and a feeling of fulfillment that is hard to replicate.

Surprise and delight are just around the corner.

Join the beta access for the Tailorie app today!